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Détails d'une campagne :

  • Nano influenceurs illimités

  • Reporting en fin de campagne

  • Chef de projet dédié (par mail)

  • Suivi des publications et relance par le chef de projet

  • Profils approuvés par nos soins

  • Réseau social Instagram

Foire aux questions

Rental & Customisation

How can I rent a garment?

To rent all our garments, please contact us or visit our store and select your items. After payment of bill & deposit, you can rent your garments out.

What is the rental time period?

You can rent any piece for 4 days from the time of pickup.

What is the deposit amount ?

A deposit amount is a figure based on the final bill amount and the number of pieces taken which is kept as a security in case of any damage or loss of items. Deposit is also deducted if the items are returned late from the given return date.

How much deposit is deducted?

The deduction amount varies based on the level of damage or loss. For delays, 20% of the actual bill amount starts adding up on a per day basis till the items are returned.

What happens if items are lost?

In case of loss, a complete purchase bill is charged to the customer.

Is it applicable to accessories also?

The rental policy applies to all our products.

Do you customize items as per requirements?

Yes we do all types of customization for garments, accessories, footwear and headgears.

What are the charges for customization?

The customization charges depends on the design and the deadline of delivery.

Do you exchange or refund ?

No exchange or refund is possible once the garments are rented out from the store. The customer can fully check their size, measurements and styles needed before making a bill. We do not take any responsibility for sizes or fit issues.

Can I take few options from the store for trial before finalisation?

NO. We do not entertain giving options for trials. All trials are supposed to be done at the store only.